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The Practicing Mind Podcast

by Author & Coach Tom M. Sterner

The Practicing Mind Podcast By Tom Sterner 

The Practicing Mind Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to The Practicing Mind Podcast!

In this first episode of the Practicing Mind Podcast, the theme is “if you could sit down and have a drink with anyone that’s ever lived throughout history, who would that be and why?” Be sure to listen to the end to hear my answer – it may surprise you!

I’ll also be discussing the show’s format, a bit more about my background, the core realization that everything in life is a skill, and if you want to be good at something that makes you uncomfortable and who doesn’t when those times come? Tell yourself “This is where the fun starts”. This way you can learn to see these moments as an opportunity to learn a new skill that you haven’t yet mastered.

Coming up on the show interpretation creates the experience. What does that mean? Many things we experience during the day, we don’t realize that we create the experience through our interpretation and how does that work? I’ll be giving you some examples of that and how you can change it so that your interpretation serves your happiness.

Also, what is deliberate thinking VS compulsive thinking, which one is better? Are you the “thinker” or are you being “thought” by your subconscious mind?

In the next episode, we’re going to talk about DISCIPLINE. Discipline is power & freedom, it’s real currency you might say. Without it, you have no control, but what is discipline? Is it doing what you don’t feel like doing when you don’t feel like doing it? Be sure to listen in to find out!

Please send in your questions on something we haven’t yet covered or an aspect of something that was covered in a previous episode that you want to learn more about. Feel free to email your questions & comments to me at Now sit back, and enjoy episode 1 of The Practicing Mind Podcast!

Talk to you soon.

Tom M. Sterner

Original air date:

June 16, 2021

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The Practicing Mind Podcast By Tom Sterner

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The Practicing Mind Podcast Trailer

Tom Sterner, author of The Practicing Mind: Developing Discipline and Focus In Your Life, is here to talk to you about his upcoming podcast.

The Practicing Mind Podcast: Episode 2

When you are “process-oriented” your attention is absorbed in the experience of your goal, and not attached to the moment it’s achieved.

The Practicing Mind Podcast Trailer

Tom Sterner, author of The Practicing Mind: Developing Discipline and Focus In Your Life, is here to talk to you about his upcoming podcast.

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