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Think being in control of your thoughts is impossible?

The top performers in any field become the best of the best because they have mastered the secrets of thought awareness and learned to enjoy the process of a Practicing Mind. 

It has to be more than just the “results” – the end product, the money, the accolades, etc – that drives you. To perform at the top level you have to BE the results far before you get there – I have learned this for myself and have taught thousands of others like you to get the results they are looking for. 

You can learn the secrets of present mind functioning and see the breakthroughs that can happen when you’re able to truly FOCUS.

I look forward to learning about you and your unique goals!

– Tom Sterner

“This fortuitous coaching engagement has been transformational for me.”

“This fortuitous coaching engagement has been transformational for me. The seemingly simple, yet extremely pervasive and powerful meanings that underlie a life of practice often require a shepherd/teacher/voice of reason to guide us.

You are that person. Through our many conversations, I have been able to realize areas of action to practice in order to overcome deeply-seated blockages. You are a credit to humanity. Thank you for the endless contributions you have made to improving countless lives.”

– Jerry G.

“Has done more for me and my personal development than anything else I’ve done in years.”

I can say without reservation that my time spent with Tom has done more for me and my personal development than anything else I’ve done in years. His commonsense approach coupled with his sage advice guided me to recognize when my thoughts were working against me as well as showing me when I was working in unison with my goals.

Too often we limit ourselves with the chatter going on in our minds and fail to see opportunities staring us in the face. There is no hidden agenda here, no up-sell.  He is, in a world of charlatans and fakers, the real deal.”


– Andrew K.

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