Coaching with Tom M. Sterner

On the track to accomplishing our goals, it can feel like you are never going to get there.

What is a Practicing Mind?

An anxious mind isn’t a practicing mind. I teach professionals and top performers to perform better by loving the process without feeling a constant anxious state.

I’ve learned the secret to quieting my own mind and to slow down the constant distraction and jumping from thought to random thought.

Present Moment Functioning has given me the keys to the things I’ve truly wanted to do in life – from getting my pilots license and flying around the country, learning how to sail and spending time on the ocean, becoming an accomplished musician and recording studio engineer all the way to working with top-level athletes, musicians, coaches – some are considered “the best of the best”.

They all had that same thing in common. The world we live in full of distraction and you can’t become the best at anything if you can’t truly focus and love to “practice”.

What's in it for you?

As we work together to master this skill, you will discover:

A Quiet Mind

As your mind quiets down your anxiousness will slow down

More Positivity

You will have fewer negative thoughts that don't serve you

Better Decisions

More clarity and focus allowing you to make the "right" choice

Enjoy practice

Enjoy the process of working towards a goal

become the teacher

Gain the tools to learn ANY new skill you set your mind to

Mental Freedom

Take control of your thoughts in way you never could before



“Changing your life is as simple as changing your mind!”

Tom points out simple ways to help stay focused on tasks and get more done with less energy and in a shorter amount of time! Practicing these principles has been like having hours added to my day and without the stress and anxiety! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

– Shirley L.


“Has done more for me and my personal development than anything else I’ve done in years.”

His commonsense approach coupled with his sage advice guided me to recognize when my thoughts were working against me as well as showing me when I was working in unison with my goals. Too often we limit ourselves with the chatter going on in our minds and fail to see opportunities staring us in the face. There is no hidden agenda here, no up-sell. He is, in a world of charlatans and fakers, the real deal.

– Andrew K.

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