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My Seven Chakras - Radio Show

With host – Aditya Jaykumar
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Life on Purpose - Radio Show

With host – Gregory Berg Visit the Episode page here.

2000 Books - Podcast

With host – Mani Vaya


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The Mind Aware Show

With host – Dana Wilde


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Synchronicity Radio

With host – Marie Bernard


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Inside Personal Growth - Podcast

With host – Greg Volsen


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Relationships 2.0 - Radio Interview

With host – Dr. Michelle Skeen


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The Liftoff Project - Podcast

With host – Coach Pamela


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Life Mastery Radio - Radio Show

With host – Todd Alan


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TO BE FULLY ENGAGED IN AN ACTIVITY means to be present in this moment and in what you are doing right now. It also means to be completely content in that experience. There is no anxiousness about or sense of longing for the future, and there is no regret about the past. In our culture, living in this manner has become very foreign to us. Having an overactive mind, a mind that strongly resists being absorbed in this moment, a mind that can sometimes feel out of control, feels normal to us. Because of this we need to train ourselves to be aware of the thoughts our mind is producing at any moment, and we also need to learn what it feels like to experience a quieter mind. “How do I accomplish this?”…Keep Reading

Thought Awareness Training: The First Step

Posted 10/16/16, Creativity Portal

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