January 31st, 2020
Philadelphia, PA

The Science of Being Fully Engaged

Advancing Your Mental Performance Through Present Moment Functioning

What is the problem?

At present, virtually everyone from the top down feels stressed, fatigued, impatient and unable to focus on demand. This impacts many aspects of business from performance and decision making to productivity output and even to a general sense of well-being.  In fact even when we feel we are focusing we are not fully engaged ie. read a page, get to the bottom and you haven’t absorbed what you just read. Our brains are evolving to function as we are asking them to, but at a cost. We are getting better at “scattered thinking” but losing the ability to clear our mind of extraneous thoughts and to reel in our attention for any length of time. Fortunately we can reverse the process and even increase our ability to be fully engaged.

Through much empirical testing we have truly gained an understanding of what is going on when we are functioning at the highest level, when we are in the zone. When we achieve a present moment state of mind, we accomplish the most, in the least amount of time, without a sense of struggle and we actually experience contentment in the process. Understanding what it feels like to function in this state, how to recognize when we are not “in it” and having the tools to pull us back to center can and must be learned in order to take advantage of the latest discoveries in peak performance.

Join me and make the investment that will give you both an understanding and a path to skills that will change your life.

Who is this event good for?

  • Cannot focus on demand.
  • Cannot sustain concentration in an activity such as reading for more than a few minutes.
  • Finds they are impatient to reach their goals and are very attached to the moment they achieve a goal instead of enjoying the “process” of achieving it.
  • Recognizes bad habits and behaviors that need to be reprogrammed but don’t know how to go about it.
  • Find their working memory is shrinking.
  • Feels a sense of struggle or anxiety is running in the background much of the time.


8:30 am – 9:00 am

Main Presentation
9:00 am – 11:30 am
with 15 minute break at 10:15

Just some of the topics discussed…
Why can’t I focus like I used to and how do I reverse it?
What is Thought Awareness Training and why must I do it?
Decoding the performance paradox of Process over Product.
Creating Habits that enhance your mental performance.
Using the 4 “S” words in goal achievement
What’s a rescue mantra?
Do, Observe, Correct, How non judgment impacts mental performance.

Lunch Break
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Breakout Session and Q&A
12:30 pm – 3:00pm

Discussion and exercises on…
Setting goals with accurate data.
Triggers, targets and procedures. Thinking like a pilot.
Interpretation creates experience. Use it to your advantage
Learning VS performance
Present Moment Function IS the Zone. Exercises to recognize
what it feels like and how to get in when your not.
More if time permits

Wrap up and networking
3:00 pm

Thomas M. Sterner

Thomas M. Sterner

Founder and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute

Thomas M. Sterner is the founder and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute. As a successful entrepreneur he is considered an expert in Present Moment Functioning or PMF tm. He is a popular and in demand speaker who works with high performance individuals including athletes, coaches, industry groups, CEO’s and individuals of all ages freeing them to operate effectively within high stress situations so that they can break through to new levels of mastery.

As an expert Present Moment Functioning Coach, He has brought clarity to tens of thousands worldwide regarding how they can increase their focus and achieve their goals with less effort, in the least amount of time while enjoying the process. Top media outlets such as NPR, Fox News and Forbes have sought his advice. He is the author of the international best seller The Practicing Mind; Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life (New World Library 2012) and Fully Engaged; Using The Practicing Mind In Daily Life (New World Library 2016). His books have been translated into 9 languages and he is one of New World Libraries top 10 best selling authors.

Aware of his undisciplined personality as a youth he set out on a quest in his late teens determined to understand the nature of a disciplined mind, the elements of productive practice regardless of the application and how to transform his own weaknesses into personal strengths. Decades of research in eastern thought, sports psychology and neuroscience combined with hundreds of hours of individual coaching have given him an inspiring and transformative story to tell, one filled with simplicity, practicality and humor.

Drawn toward individualize disciplines he is an accomplished musician, private pilot, experienced and avid golfer, sailor and target archer. He has been a student of various forms of meditation which have been part of his daily practice for over 40 years.

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